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  1. What is an online advertising network?
    A. An Advertising network is a group of carefully selected websites that are available for targeted advertising. MarketingWebtraffic provides advertisers with the means and technology to reach their audiences through these online advertising networks.

  2. Why should I use MarketingWebtraffic?
    A. MarketingWebtraffic primary objective is to help advertisers achieve a greater return on investment for any of their advertising campaign. MarketingWebtraffic unique advertiser's services will create & build brand awarness, increase brand recall, generate leads and boost sales using highly effective tools and methods. Our real-time tracking and reporting facility will indicate the effectiveness of each advertising campaign.

  3. Can I advertise or focus my campaigns towards a specific audience?
    A. MarketingWebtraffic's vast advertising Network allows the advertiser to reach any audience using various websites. Based on your customer profile our tools and systems will help you to focus your advertisements and campaigns at the appropriate target segments.

  4. Can I optimize or halt my campaign once it has gone live?
    A. Yes. You can halt or optimize your campaign as and when you see fit. This facility allows the advertiser to make appropriate changes in the campaign so as to optimize and yield maximum returns from the same.

  5. How often are reports updated?
    A. Hourly.

  6. How soon can I launch my campaign ?
    A. New campaigns take no longer than 4 hours to deploy.

  7. How do I join the MarketingWebtraffic network?
    A. Just fill out a simple membership form and get started right away!

  8. What is CPM?
    A. Cost Per Millennium, also known as cost per thousand impressions.

  9. What is CPM-CUME?
    A. Cost per thousand unique impressions. This type of advertising is perfect for the advertiser looking to widen his reach.

  10. What is CPC?
    A. Cost Per Click.

  11. Does MarketingWebtraffic allow adult content websites, advertisements, or links?
    A. No!

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