Rick Crosby, MarketingWebtraffic.com's CEO

How Search Engine Optimization Is Like Football

  1. We have an owner the webmaster - football teams have owners typically run the business side and leave the day to day operations to the coach - web site owners typically leave the day to day search engine optimization needs to their coach, a search optimization specialist. The owners of football teams want to attract visitors to the stadium in order to make money, the website owners wants to draw visitors to his stadium (website) as well to make money.

  2. The Coach - He is a strategist, a free thinker, loves challenges, takes pride in what he does, loves to win, is steadfast in his thinking, yet open enough to adapt to needed change. These are the same characteristics as those of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

  3. The Quarterback - No this is not about a guarantee for results. The quarterback is the on the field leader in search engine optimization. Your main targeted keyword would be your quarterback. In this example our main targeted keyword is "search engine optimization", which on a football team would be the quarterback.

  4. Offensive Line - In front of every great quarterback is the offensive line, in the world of search engines and optimizing for results, our offensive line is the website we work to help attain the natural results listings we covet so dearly like the Lombardi Trophy of the Super bowl, Google Front Page Search Results are the Superbowl Rings of search engine consultants.

  5. Running Back - Another star often times in football, he runs fast by building steam, scores points by finding the end zone on his sprint, and helps fill the seats of football stadiums with visitors, in SEO our other keywords (secondary keywords) are our running backs, they help build a theme for our Superbowl web site, they go out and score results on the search engines, and this helps draw the visitors the owners want to the website.

  6. Wide Receiver - A star on any great Superbowl bound team, he catches the ball, goes across the middle, zips down the sideline, and after he is tackled, he tries to crawl for a few more yards, and scores points, drawing more visitors to the stadium. In the SEO world the wide receiver is our websites coding, it needs to be lean, it must display our content on the middle of pages, be able to zip a menu down the side lines, score points, and it draws visitors with it's graceful appearance and blazing speed to the visitors of our website.

  7. The Defense. The defense in any game is the guys who stop the competitors and their tactics. The defense studies the competitor's offense, and knows their moves before they occur. In the SEO wars the owner and the coach are integral to the defense of their team. The owner needs to pursue other avenues of exposing his web site to the fans who may want to visit. Any website that would not be able to survive falling off of front-page rankings, isn't worth the money spent to build it.

  8. The Coach or Search Engine Optimization Specialist plays his defensive role by staying current on the business of search, and of the changes in the search engines. He reads, he studies; he makes minor changes, and then leads the team to the goal. Should the goal line be moved, the coach who has kept current can easily adapt and move the team over the new goal.

  9. Like any team in order to obtain first place results, you must allow your coach to manage the team by supporting his decisions and taking the time to listen to his plan. Owners must also be active in helping the team to play to the best of it's ability. By keeping your website current, and filled with relevant content, you can soon have a touchdown scoring selling machine. To have Rick Crosby coach your team to it's own Superbowl victories and to learn more how he can help you drive new fans to your website, e-mail him at [email protected]