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Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising Campaigns Need To Be Cost Effective

How To Earn Return On Investment With SEO and Online Advertsing

In order for any website to see significant Return On Investment (ROI), in promoting their website online they need to implement cost effective Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising campaigns. Building a website and not taking these steps will ultimately lead to a waste of ones' energy, time, and money, the last two are usually not easily replaced. Without advertising and optimizing your site you will have little chance of drawing the traffic you need to your website, in order to be profitable, or at least to cover your operating costs.

Typically a website owner will implement both of these SEM strategies to achieve results which bring "targeted traffic" to their websites. Placing your entire advertising budget in only one of these SEM strategies will actually depreciate your ROI. How this happens is simple, a company will place all of their budget in paid advertising links, and in doing so miss targeted visitors who will never click on these ads.

We know that approximately 60% of the Internet users use the organic results of the search engine listings, when they are using the Internet to shop and find information. The other 40% will use the paid advertising links to do the same things. What occurs too often is websites will make one of the two SEM strategies a priority and the other an afterthought or something to take a try at one day.

But why lose this other traffic? When you can have the best of both worlds! Search Engine Optimization need not be overly expensive, nor should it be extremely cheap. The adage still stands you get what you pay for. There are a great many SEO's who do charge both an arm and a leg for their services, and some charge based on monthly retainer fees, but there many others who are realistic in their approach. In some instances your business maybe one that your marketing firm may partner with you in attaining results and charge on a Pay-For-Preformance (PFP) advertising model, which insome cases works out to be the best.

Search engine optimization and online advertising are changing and will change in the future as well. Search engine optimization, which is the coding of your websites coding that users do not see as well as writing, or rewriting the content on the front of your pages that users see. Keyword research should be done to determine which terms would bring the best available targeted traffic. Some firms will want to build reciprocal links and there is usually a hefty premium for this. Another method some will take it to buy text links, which at present is regarded as dubious by many.

Search Engines Are Searching For Fresh New Content

However the changes that are taking place in the search engines themselves are leading away from just the usual practices and moving toward relevancy and freshness. The days of putting a site up online and getting it to the front pages and having the site sit there indefinitely are over. We live in a fast paced world and results on a topic delivered 30 to 60 days late while waiting for search spiders to crawl the World Wide Web are just not good enough.

Google has gone to leaving spider bots crawling the World Wide Web and returning results as close to instant as can be had currently. MSN in their beta release has stated they would crawl once a week or daily. It appears that if you want to be spidered more often and get more content pages onto the search engines you will need to perform frequent updates to your site so that the bot crawls your website more often.

Get Expert Help Use A Marketing Firm

There are many search engine marketing firms that charge a fee for the work performed on your pages and then offer a much lower continued monthly payment plan to help you retain your listings in the results pages. Finding one of these firms is a worthwhile investment in your companies business. The other side of online advertising also draws valuable results and at times can be most cost effective behind search engine optimization.

One of the best online advertising segments I see and which I feel has an outstanding return on investment is Pay-For-Performance (PFP) advertising. One such program many are familiar with are Affiliate Marketing ad campaigns, in which a website owners will promote and market your offer on their site and you pay them for each sale or lead generated through their online promotional efforts. This give the you the ability to budget the bottom line price that it will cost you to acquire each new customer at the volume that you desire.

Online Branding Has value

All online advertising has value and branding helps build credibility for your users. When they see you are investing in your own website through paid advertisements it presents to the end user a stable reliable business in for the long run and not a fly by night website.

Another fantastic feature of online advertising is the fact that most of it can be tied into your marketing firms performance, by paying only when a a visitor takes an action due to your ad. You can also geo-target your advertising for and even more cost effective method of driving targeted visitors to your website. Advertisers now have the ability to target visitors by Country, State, City, Zip, Time of the day and more...

Tracking Your Return On Investment

There are real-time methods of tracking what type of ad draws the best return on investment and also segmented to your target audience. This again helps each advertising campaign stay cost effective as knowing which size and shape ad works best for your target consumer increases the likelihood of the user taking an action based on your ad. The higher the click through ratio the higher your ROI, and in the case of Googles Adwords campaigns improved ranking in the sponsored listings without raising your bid price per action.

This is Part 1 of a 3-part article on the merits of cost effective SEO and online advertising. Stay tuned as we cover the different online advertising options available.

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