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Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising Campaigns Need To Be Cost Effective

How To Earn Return On Investment With SEO and Online Advertsing

Continuing where we left off there are several highly effective forms of online advertising which are reasonably priced and which will bring you sales or highly targeted leads. Online direct advertising is one of the best forms of advertising there is or has been for small to medium sized businesses and this form of real life street level marketing has proven itself time and time again.

Why Online Advertising Campaigns Are Smart business.

Most businesses cannot afford to run a television based ad campaign Small advertisements in newspapers costs hundreds of dollars a day. Radio advertising also is cost prohibitive. Outdoor advertising runs thousands of dollars a day as well. This form of advertising is also very ineffective. It amounts to little more than finding a place to stick up a message and hoping someone who might be interested in your message might happen to see it. If you are a large corporation then this form of advertising works.

However if you are not a large corporation there are far better forms of advertising online and which do not require you to toss your money at the wall and hope it sticks. That is exactly what the above forms of marketing are, but with online advertising your ad dollars are thrown at targeted consumers who want your product. What could be more cost effective than only paying for an advertisement that requires an interaction with your target market?

Okay I Can Save Money Advertising. Prove It Works.

Another wonderful development in online advertising is the ability to track the advertisements effectiveness. Billboards and radio advertising have no way to measure results. Most others who advertise in the offline mediums do not know enough to track their results. With inexpensive online tools you can place an advertisement track it's results in a matter of days and in most cases hours. From concept, to implementation, to measurable results, in just a few hours. That ability alone increases your return on investment significantly.

Most marketing firms of any reputation will provide you with the means to track their advertisements effectiveness in reaching your target market. If a firm cannot provide you with the means to measure results you can take your business to a company that does. If you like the firm and do not mind paying for your own results tracking there are plenty of third party verification services or software that you can use.

What Are Some Of The Most Effective Forms Of Advertising Online?

The most effective form of advertising is permission based e-mail marketing. Now while this may seem strange considering most people receive 350 emails per week and 65% are spam the impact of e-mail advertising is understated most often. A recent survey found that most Internet users would prefer e-mail marketing to telemarketing, in person marketing, and direct mail marketing. This is yet another reason to use the full force of online advertising and search engine optimization.

Next Most Effective Are Interactive Advertisements Which Are Larger In Format.

These are typically half page or quarter page sizes and draw the viewer's attention quite nicely. Served in a pop under is the most effective usage and gives the highest return on investment. These ads spaces are typically an interactive message, which has the user take an action. It is most effective to limit the presentation of these type ads to once per user over seven days. Users will not return to your site if you force these ads on them continually.

Other Effective Ad Presentations

Other effective forms of presenting ads are 350 by 350 pop unders, banner pop unders, 350 by 350 and 468 by 100 rich media pop under, pop in floating banners, and several other forms which are a bit less focused. Use of more than one of these presentations with a larger format ad like the ones mentioned above make a nice mix for your users and presents your products professionally and helps to increase your sales conversion rates.

Small Medium Sized Business and Pay Per Click

One of the most effective forms of advertising for small and medium sized businesses is Pay Per Click marketing. Using programs such as Google Adwords, Overture Sitematch, E-spotting, Mirago, or other Pay For Click Engines, business owners can leverage their advertising dollars and compete for buyers who click within the sponsored listings on web sites. While nearly 70% of users click the free listings when searching the remaining 30% should not be overlooked. In many industries the daily searches for terms is in the tens of thousands. Marketing to the thousands who click the sponsored listings is smart business.

Keyword Research - Broad, Specific and Exact Match

If you use Google Adwords you can stipulate how and when ads are shown and which type of traffic you draw. Using broad match anyone who searches using a query that contains your keyword terms will see your ad. Placement of your ad is dependent on your Cost Per Click, what you are willing to spend and your ads Click Through Rate, the number of times your ad is clicked, divided by the number of times your ad is presented.

Google Makes Pay Per Click Enticing!

Google will also reward you for how your ads perform. If you write ads, which draw an above average Click Through Rate, which is currently 1%, your ad will be placed higher in the sponsored results listings at a cheaper cost than your competitors. Another feature Google uses that saves you money is though you may be perhaps ten cents higher than your competitor, Google ensures you only pay a penny more to appear above their ad. So no matter how much higher you bid over your competitor you end up only paying a penny to be listed above them.

MarketingWebTraffic has teamed with one of the Pay Per Click Marketing Industries premiere Bid Management Specialists to bring you premium bid management performance with above average results. Our Click Through Rates for our clients is well over 2.5%, more than double the leading experts in ad copywriting.

This is Part 2 of a 3-part article on the merits of cost effective SEO and online advertising. Stay tuned as we cover the different online advertising options available.

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