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Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising Campaigns Need To Be Cost Effective

How To Earn Return On Investment With SEO and Online Advertsing

While Today's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Programs offer unrivaled potential to boost your Web site's online traffic stats and website visibility, new keyword buying options pose unique challenges for even the savviest online marketer. Pay For Performance (PFP) keyword variations, which are used within both the Google and Overture paid programs, provide clients with greater flexibility in determining when, where, and how ads are displayed - a process which can either work in your favor or quickly expend your budget.

PPC PFP Advantages:

By turning the Pay Form Performance campaign creation process to your advantage, online marketers can achieve multiple goals, ranging from targeted lead generation to maximizing sales. PFP data analysis can further provide a plethora of marketing research and analysis, which can prove invaluable to establishing a solid e-marketing strategy, and inexpensive when done correctly.

Finding Targeted Leads.

Many webmasters have fallen victim to lead generating sites which will generate leads that are not targeted to the webmaster's industry. One very highly used lead generator site is http://www.the-marketing-agency.com/Home.html. This beautiful designed website offers webmasters promotional opportunities through marketing with sweepstakes, contests, and loyalty programs.

How This Hurts You More Than It Helps.

First the-marketing-agency.com has their site at the top of the sponsored listing in Googles Adwords. If as they claim they can market your website effectively, would they need to pay for PPC placement for themselves? Next we want to look at how effective their method of generating leads is for your website.

Ineffective Lead Generators.

Many of todays leading advertising firms generate leads that are ineffective using the lead generating methods of the sample website. Sweepstakes leads are very rarely targeted. Sweepstakes sites sign up surfers who are only interested in the free giveaway that is being offered. As most webmasters may know when running a PPC campaign the keyword term "free" is usually made a negative keyword to ensure those looking for free products or services do not reach your website.

More Ineffective Targeting.

Contests are another form of ineffective lead generation that major advertising agencies use. The user who participates in contests is looking for one thing and one thing only and that is to win the "free" prize. Therefore these leads will rarely buy anything you market to them. While both these methods deliver high volume leads, what good is 50,000 leads of which maybe one or two make a purchase?

Reselling Those 50,000 Leads Two, Three Times or More.

Next comes the cost factor. The advertising firms must frequently pay an up front fee to acquire these leads for their clients. Often times the cost of the lead is more than what the advertising agency can sell the lead for. When this happens the advertising agency will sell the same leads two, three, four, times or more to their clients. A lead that costs $1.00 to obtain and can be sold for only $.50 must be sold three times for the advertiser to make any profit.

What's The Solution?

So, how can one craft a lead generating campaign that will most likely result in qualified traffic reaching your site? First with the amount of multiple options, effective keyword selection, and purposefully written ad copy are essential to achieving success. Remember that keyword and phrase selection are an unending process that will be refined throughout the duration of your ad campaign, accomplished by testing keywords, keyword phrases, match types, creative ad split testing, and analyzing the corresponding impact within your server logs.

Targeted Consumer Acquisition Programs.

This methodology allows you to generate the targeted buying leads that you need. Through using "targeted" consumer acquisition programs your leads are matched to the industry your website fits within best. Targeted leads will convert to sales at the highest ratios as well. By using pre-qualified targeted led generation campaigns the amount of leads one needs to convert to a sale is reduced by almost 90%. Being able to generate one or two sales with 50 leads maximizes your return on investment (ROI) significantly.

A good example of a targeted consumer acquisition program is http://www.freemoneyadvice.com. This website offers ways for consumers to solve financial problems. The leads this site generates are used exclusively in the related financial fields targeted by the website such as mortgage brokers, debt reduction specialists, and banks. Because there is no free giveaway of products the cost to acquire these leads is vastly lowered, and in turn the need to resell the leads in diminished assuring you of fresh qualified buyers.

Putting It All Together.

Keyword Research and Analysis - This should be the first step in any targeted consumer acquisition program and any form of advertising online such as SEO, PPC, Pay For Inclusion (PFI), and other forms of Pay Per Action (PPA) marketing. Using a professional search marketing consultant such as http://www.sem-seo-pros.com to do perform your keyword research and analysis will save you from spending on keyword which do not drive traffic and give you insight into traffic driving terms that you may have not have thought of.

Budget - Determine your customer acquisition cost. To determine this cost you must look at the product or service you sell. Let's take blue widgets selling for $100.00 each. Your cost to buy one blue widget is $60.00. This leaves you gross profit of $40.00. Using ten (10%) percent of profits as the budget for advertising and customer acquisition, you cost to acquire a 1 new customer is $4.00. Using a rate of 20 cents per lead you would need to make 1 sale for every 20 leads you acquire in order to break even. If you can find those 20 leads at 10 cents each, or convert those 20 leads to 2 sales you will rake in some very nice profits.

Advertise - Select a full service marketing firm that understands the value of targeted consumer acquisition programs such as http://www.marketingwebtraffic.com. Track you results, measure, test, track results again. Work with one product to start. Once you have an optimal lead generating campaign running at maximum ROI, then it is time to follow up with another product, repeating the steps above for each new product you are marketing.

Enjoy the targeted buying traffic coming to your site.

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