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Learn Which Critical ROI Reports to Demand From Your Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Agency That Will Reduce your Costs and Increase your Profits!

When you talk "Investments" the first thing you think of are "Returns". Our desire is that you attain the highest rate of returns on minimum investments. Our ROI digital marketing technology will help you track all your ad campaigns in real-time so you can make appropriate changes to increase results. Tracks sales of every campaign down to its´┐Ż point of origin, giving you vital information on Cost-Per-Sale and/or Cost-Per-Lead.

All of our clients are given the ability to...
  • Track ROI Results across all of your online marketing campaigns by using an integrated tracking methodology
  • Identify Potential Sites for your campaigns based on detailed consumer behavior and fact files.
  • Help Traffic Monitoring so you know where you audience is coming in from and what has been drawing them to you. Trafficking information will be delivered through one interface.
  • Show Advertising Effectiveness by displaying those ads and media buys that have attracted users.
  • Save You Time so you can concentrate more on marketing strategies rather than studying complex research findings.
  • Collect and Stores Vital Data from each campaign for the purpose of analysis and optimization.
  • Deliver Recommendations and Directions for improving campaign performance.
  • Easily manage your online marketing and advertising activities within your budget and other constraints.
  • Evaluate Profit potential and possibilities for new and different campaigns.
  • Make Quick and Easy modification to ongoing campaigns based on real time data.

At a Glance Report

A snap shot of what's happening on the campaign front! This report gives you a real time overview of the entire campaign. The system will generate reports and charts showing you details of each campaign, their dates, total costs, delivered impressions, click conversion rate and cost per conversion.

Site & Placement Report

An in-depth analysis of how your campaigns have performed on each site. You can compare each site based on the accurate information gathered by our system. It shows the total cost, impressions delivered, CPC, CPM and CPA (cost per acquisition) for each ad campaign. Thus helping you decide which online campaigns will generate greater returns for your advertising investment.

Online Creative Report

Using this report you will be able to ascertain as to which creative ad campaign is delivering higher results. A comparison of each advertisement, usage details, the impressions delivered through each advertisement, clicks, conversions, CPM and click conversion rate will be displayed so the advertiser is able to make appropriate changes in the campaign and thereby increase his ROI.

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